Reimbursement codes for 3D printed surgical models and tools

It is becoming increasingly more obvious that 3D printing is the ultimate tool within the medical industry. With the ability to 3d print custom surgical tools and patient specific anatomical models, 3D printing will benefit many medical professionals. Fortunity, the American Medical Association (AMA) approved four procedural terminology (CPT) category III reimbursement codes:

  • Codes 0559T and 0560T: Reimbursement for the production of individually prepared 3D printed anatomical models that are made up of one or more components with different colors and materials.
  • Codes 0561T and 0562T: Reimbursement for the production of personalized 3D printed cutting or drilling tools for surgeons within the operating room, which are designed based on patient imaging data. (Boissonneault 2019).

Iverson Biomedical Codes:

ISO : 13485

ISO : 10993

FDA : 21CFR820