For Medical 3D printing and printed anatomy information email us at [email protected] or call (800) 884-2415. For a free consultation, upload your medical scans and 3D mesh files and send an email with a description and contact information to [email protected].

    High quality, thin slice scans are required for accurate anatomy replication. Please refer to Iverson Biomedicals guide on imaging modality and slice thickness for details.

    Hospitals and Physicians should only upload anonymized datasets and 3D meshes. For private, secure file uploads please contact [email protected] for assistance.

    Projections predict within 10 years 3D printed medical models and custom surgical guides will be standard procedure for the following operations:

    • Heart Surgery
    • Jaw Surgery
    • Hip Replacements
    • Cranial Implants
    • Shoulder Operations
    • Spinal Procedures
    • Liver Transplants

    We are proud of the role we are playing in helping to realize the promise of 3D printing in medicine, and we would welcome the opportunity of assisting you in this exceptionally promising area.

    For more information on how Iverson Biomedical patient image data enhancement / repair services can support your 3D printing objectives, call (800) 884-2415.